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a student organisation involved in the student interest fight. Röskva was founded in 1988 and has since then prioritised student’s interests. Röskva is the organisation of socially minded students at the University of Iceland and our foundational policy has always been the same; equal rights to education. Röskva has representatives in the Student Council, the University Forum and in the University Council. Röskva believes that the Student Council should be a pressuring power, especially towards the government. That is why the student interest fight is not limited to the University of Iceland, but rather extends its influence out to the society to the society as a whole. Within the University, Röskva fights issues that could be improved, such as the illegitimate increase of the registratio fee, ensuring student’s rights to unemployment benefits, increasing solutions and options in mental health affairs, improving the student loan system and making sure that equality is ensured in every respect at the University.







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Hvað er Röskva?

Hvað er Röskva?

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