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Elections 2024

Hvernig á ég að kjósa?

When do the polls open?

Elections to Student Council and University
Council are held on Wednesday March 20th and
Thursday March 21st. You vote online, on Ugla. The polls are open between 9:00-20:00 on  Wednesday and 9:00-18:00 on Thursday.

How many representatives can you vote for?

That depends on which school you are attending. There are five schools: The schools of Social, Educational, Health, Humanities and Engineering/Physical Sciences. In the Student Council, all the schools except for the Social Sciences have three representatives as well as three vice representatives. As the largest school, the school of Social Sciences receives five representatives and five vice representatives. In total there are 17 representatives from every school. All students are presented with the same choice when voting for University Council however. Students have two representatives in the University Council.

How do you
vote online?

These aforementioned 2 days, a small window will appear on Ugla which you can click. The lists of candidates will appear automatically. They will vary between schools but you can only vote for representatives who are studying in the same school as you. It’s possible to vote for an entire list or to vote for different individuals from different lists.

Why are we voting?

The Student Council is constituted by 17 elected representatives who fight for students interests and rights, within the University and without. The Student Council has a diverse set of tasks and responsibilities. To name a few examples of this: It confirms members of committees, school councils, votes on laws and rules of conduct, be that within the University, within FS (the non-profit that runs Háma and Student housing) and other institutions, but the council is also a lobbying group for students within and without the university. The University Council is the highest executive body in the University and also of all the institutions who are a part of the University. Students have two representatives in the University Council and they are elected for a two-year term.

Get to know the candidates and the issues

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